About Us

  • Ratneya Consultancy Services (RCS) is a Management Consultancy Firm by Mr. Deepak Doddamani, Founder of Ratneya Group.
  • RCS provides consultancy to SMEs, Startups and Small businesses to make them future ready.
  • RCS is a Proprietorship Firm started in August 2021 by Proprietor Mr. Deepak Doddamani who is also the Principal Consultant here.
  • Mr. Deepak Doddamani has worked in diversified sectors like Education, Media, Social Work and Personal Finance for more than two decades of his entrepreneurial journey.
  • He is National Eligibility Test (NET) qualified in Management subject, which itself is an indicator of his in-depth knowledge of Management subjects and business acumen. 
  • He has guided many B-School students as a visiting faculty and Project guide thanks to his academic interest.
  • As a NSE’s Certified Investment Analysis Professional he has guided many investors and entrepreneurs in managing their finances.
  • Mangalmurti, Primo Mansions etc. startups received his guidance in their initial years from Mr. Deepak Doddamani. Deepak also has an experience of working with Business Consultancy Firm as a ‘Business Consultant’.
  • Being Engineer, he has great problem-solving skills as well as an analytical mind which is required for understanding many SME businesses 
  • As a Financial Advisor he has evaluated many listed company as well as Startups. He was panelist of a well known startup funding platform.
  • Deepak Doddamani is passionate about Entrepreneurship and respects entrepreneurs. He never claims to be an advisor. He always plays the role of a consultant and  a service-provider to all his clients. 

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